We move and relocate phone systems in the greater Seattle area.

"We will move your
existing phone system to
your new Seattle Washington area location...
regardless of who made it, how old it is, or the brand!"



phone system move relocation 1

Moving a phone system involves a number of considerations.

We will come to your existing location, and document the phone system configuration that you currently, and identify any issues that you might know of prior to moving your existing telephone system.

We then visit the new location to determine the following:

  • Where the phone system will be re-installed, such as a separate telephone system wiring room in another part of the building, or in the suite itself.
  • If it is in another part of the building, then we will need to determine whether the cabling exists from that location into the office area where the phones will be located.
  • We will check to make sure there is sufficient power and enough power outlets available to power up the system.
  • Whether there is sufficient ventilation to prevent the telephone system from overheating.
  • If there will be a need to arrange for access into the building and the phone room when we arrive to install the system, as well as determining how we are supposed to get the equipment into your new offices if it is in a high rise location.
  • Sometimes the building management will not permit us to come through the lobby area, so things like that need to be checked out.
  • Whether there will be a need to run new cable and/or new outlets to the desk locations within your new office space. We also run Cat5 and Cat6 data network cable if you need that installed.
  • If there are existing phone outlets on the wall, we will need to determine if the outlets are wired correctly to match the requirements for YOUR phone system.
  • We will re-program your system at the new location for things like employee name changes and such.
  • We can upgrade your system with additional equipment cards and new phones should you need or want to do so.

You will also need to think about the coordination of the movement of the phone system service by your service provider so that you don’t end up out of service for very long while you are moving.

Tip: Most companies will allow you to re-route (call forward) your calls to a cell phone(s) or voice mail while the move is taking place, then when the system is set back up, you can call and get the routing re-established to your new location.



If you have any questions regarding
any aspect of the moving process.

"We move all phone systems of all brands
such as Avaya Lucent, Panasonic KX-TA824
at&t phone system, siemens, executone
Super Hybrid, KX-TA1232, Toshiba, EnGenius
Nortel, Comdial DX80, Vodavi, Samsung DCS Compact
Prostar, DS616, including voicemail systems.

Also included are Partner ACS, Merlin Magix
Definity, Partner Basic, Partner Plus
Partner II, Merlin Legend, Norstar Compact ICS
Meridian, and Modular ICS phone systems.

Finally, we move and relocate
Vettical Vodavi, Iwatsu, Starplus
 with or without voice mail."